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Boreo’s ethical guidelines

The Code of Conduct of Boreo Plc explains how we conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner in order to win and retain supplier and customer trust. It is also designed to help employees make the right decisions in their daily working environment, throughout Boreo’s regional operations. The Code of Conduct sets out the conduct expected of Boreo employees and all Boreo companies as well as entities, while also addressing behaviour that is not tolerated.
This Code of Conduct applies throughout Boreo, including all subsidiaries, branches and other entities where Boreo exercises management control.

Read our Code of Conduct here


Boreo’s whistleblowing service encourages to transparent and fair behaviour and helps to reveal possible abuses. Boreo’s whistleblowing channel is available both for our personnel and people outside the group. Through this channel you can inform about suspicions of abuse or unethical behaviour in Boreo group.

Visit our whistleblowing channel here