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Boreo in Brief

Boreo is a company that creates value by owning, acquiring and developing small and medium-sized companies in the long-term. Boreo's primary objective is sustainable long-term profit generation. This is achieved with a business model that is based on the acquisition and ownership of great entrepreneurial companies with ability to generate sustainable long-term earnings growth and strong cash flows. The profits generated by the portfolio of companies are re-invested back to operations or to acquisitions with attractive expected returns on capital. 

The decentralized operating structure promoting culture of ownership and release of entrepreneurial energy is a core pillar of the firm’s business concept and sustainable earnings growth is ensured through the support and coaching of companies and the personnel.

Boreo’s operations are organized into three Business Areas:​

  • Electronics business area consists of businesses that distribute and assemble professional electronic components. Its companies act as representatives of the world's leading principals in Northern Europe, Poland and the United States. The companies offer storage and logistics services, as well as technical sales services for principals and customers. The brands of the business area are Yleiselektroniikka, YE International, Noretron Komponentit, Milcon, Infradex, Signal Solutions Nordic (SSN) and Delfin Technologies.

  • Technical Trade business area consists of businesses involved in technical trade that represent wellknown principals in power, metal machines, construction and welding technique products and system solutions in Finland. The brands of the business area are Machinery, Muottikolmio, Pronius, J-Matic and Filterit.

  • Heavy Machines business area consists of Putzmeister dealerships in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. In addition, the business includes a SANY dealership in Estonia and the design, equipment, painting and construction of timber bodies in Sweden. The businesses serve customers in the concrete, construction and forest industry in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The brands of the business area are PM Nordic, Tornokone, HM Nordic, Floby Nya Bilverkstad (FNB) and Lackmästarn.

  • In addition to the above-mentioned business areas, Boreo's organization includes ESKP that provides logistics and courier services, and Vesterbacka Transport Oy that operate under Other Operations. The companies operate in the Finnish and Baltic markets.

In 2022, Boreo’s sales amounted to EUR 160.4 million and the group employs nowadays over 300 persons in Finland, Sweden, Baltics, Poland and USA. Headquarters of Boreo is located in Vantaa, Finland.​

Boreo Plc’s stock is quoted on the main list of Nasdaq Helsinki with ticker BOREO.

Business areas


Sales 2022: EUR 61.5 million
Personnel: 130
Markets: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, USA
Brands: Yleiselektroniikka, YE International, Noretron Komponentit, Milcon, Infradex, Signal Solutions Nordic, Delfin Technologies

Technical Trade

Sales 2022: EUR 52.8 million
Personnel: 116
Markets: Finland
Brands: Machinery, Muottikolmio, Pronius, J-Matic, Filterit

Heavy Machines

Sales 2022: EUR 41.4 million
Personnel: 64
Markets: Finland, Estonia, Sweden
Brands: PM Nordic, HM Nordic, Tornokone, Floby Nya Bilverstad, Lackmästarn